Urine Off® is bringing enhanced hygiene to the world.  Bio Pro Research believes in investing time and energy in our communities and that includes our pets as well.  Pets are becoming increasingly a part of our life in the USA and around the world as more families are living with companion pets.  Bio-Pro is helping with the struggle to deal with difficult urine deposits across all markets, whether training a new puppy,dealing with elder incontinence, or solving issues in the public domain.

After bringing hundreds of products to life in the USA, Urine Off expanded its markets overseas, where we now distribute our pet line, institutional line, and our commercial aircraft products. Every day, Urine Off Products make life better.  There are literally tens of thousands of loyal consumers worldwide solving their urine cleaning challenges with Urine Off®. They are Loyal to the Urine Off® brand and its performance and they tell their friends about it.

Recently we celebrated 12 years in business and we continue to touch people every day.  Currently in 84 counties, with our label translated into 37 languages, and offering more than 214 products, the Urine Off brand is respected globally.

Urine Offs range of products fits well with global trends and common practices.  Our world continues to get smaller as more people travel and experience an enhanced way of life with increasing concerns for hygiene, safety, and health. Companion Pet, Elder Care, institutional facilities and more: all benefit from the incredible performance of Urine Off®.

Bio Pro Research is Committed to the Environment with many of our products USDA Certified Bio-Based and are proudly “Made in the USA”. Bio-Pro’s products are safe to use as they solve the consequences of urine, difficult spills, stains, and odors. Urine Off products do not contain any alcohol, ethanol, solvents, ammonia, peroxide, acid, chlorine, or abrasives.

Urine Off line is Non-pathogenic, Non-toxic, Non-carcinogenic, Non-biocidal, and Non-caustic. Yet, it is the best stain and odor remover in the world, using natural biological technology to solve the difficult challenges of urine deposits.