Dry Cleaning

Urine Off Laundry Pre-Treat works on all fabrics by using specialized enzymes and bacteria to break down the components of urine and other body discharges that cause odor and stains as well as the proteins which host growth of undesirable microorganisms. Urine Off Laundry Pre-Treat eliminates the need for alkaline boosters and increased temperatures in wash cycles, extending the life of your fabrics and saving chemical costs.

Urine Off Laundry Pre-Treat is also great for treating coffee, red wine, cola, and blood stains. Easily applied to spots discovered by housekeepers.

Urine Off lived up to your claims and exceeded my expectations.

John NunnPresident - Ohio Remco

Urine Off removed all the old stains & odors and returned our carpets to their original white.

Gina P. Bradenton, FL