Urine Off lived up to your claims and exceeded my expectations.

John NunnPresident - Ohio Remco

We have guests tell us they switched to our hotel once they found out about our Black Light Clean Program.

Anna ArunOwner - Sleep Inn

Urine Off saved us a flooring job because we were able to solve the problem & install after clean-up.

John ToliverPresident - Tolliver’s Carpet One

Urine Off removed all the old stains & odors and returned our carpets to their original white.

Gina P. Bradenton, FL

Urine is a common source of toilet odor, even in areas that appear to be clean. It has proven to be one of the most challenging substances to permanently remove. Urine is comprised of urea, uric acid and urochrome; the insoluble uric acid crystals remain on surfaces and can be reactivated by moisture, reinvigorating powerful odors. Urine
Off® Transport Aircraft Formula uses specially selected enzymes to allow our friendly bacteria to literally “eat” the uric acid crystals and proteins, thereby removing the growth environment needed by germs. Even old stains and their recurring odors can be removed using urine Off.
  • Specially formulated for daily bathroom maintenance.
  • Works on all bathroom surfaces.
  • Uses specialized enzymes and bacteria to break down the components of urine and other body discharges that cause odor and stains, as well as the proteins that host growth of disease-spreading microorganisms.
  • Replaces all other interior air craft cleaners.
Urine Off® Transport Aircraft Cleaner works on all surfaces by using specialized enzymes and bacteria to break down the components of urine and other body fluids that cause odors and stains, as well as the proteins that host growth of undesirable microorganisms.
Urine Off® Transport Aircraft Cleaner replaces all your general purpose cleaners: use on toilets, floors, walls, sinks, doors, carpets, fabric, leather, and fixtures.
Urine Off® Transport Aircraft Cleaner is easy to use and effectively removes organic stains and its proteins from virtually all carpet fibers and upholstery, including urine, coffee, cola, red wine, and more.
Urine Off® Transport Aircraft Cleaner is an excellent carpet cleaner that will remove most organic stains and odors from virtually all carpet fibers and upholstery, including urine, coffee, cola, red wine, and more.

Airliner bathrooms have been the brunt of many jokes for years due to their odors and general hygiene.  Although airlines work hard to clean bathrooms that have one of the heaviest traffic patterns of any bathrooms in the world, Their efforts have been largely unappreciated as most any passenger and flight attendant will attest to.

Urine deposits on planes accumulate not only in the bathrooms, but also on carpet leading from the bathrooms, and on aisle seat corners that are in close proximity to bathrooms as people with unwashed hands steady themselves returning to their seats.  Of course, seat cushions are also an area of concern, especially with the incontinence of an aging population.  A visual investigation with our Urine Finder shows where the deposits have accumulated so they can be remediated with Urine Off.

Urine Off is used by groomers in their daily scheduled cleaning of bathrooms, keeping the build up from occurring on fixtures, floors, and in bathroom surface crevasses.  For scheduled deep cleaning, the aircraft’s suspected areas of contamination are inspected using the Urine Finder and the areas are treated.  When the toilets are dissembled for rework or repair, urine Off is applied to areas of the fixtures that are inaccessible for normal cleaning.

Urine Off is tested and certified for use in commercial aircraft under Boeing Spec D6-78127 Rev M and AMS Spec 1550B. It will not harm any materials or surfaces, including leather, used in aircraft construction and will not adversely affect fire blocking.

Urine Off is also safe and effective on remediating other body fluids such as vomit and blood.

Bio-Pro Research also makes WineOff and CoffeeOff which are used for cleaning up cabin spills.  It can be safely applied to passenger’s clothing as well, and comes in a cabin-sized 4 oz. spray bottle, as well as a convenient spray pen, which is great for gifting to passengers that have been the victim of turbulence during refreshment service.